Key Stage Electrical Course

5 Days £440 inc. VAT EC4U

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for people who have little or no electrical installation experience and are looking to become a domestic electrician. We have specifically developed this course to give you the best opportunity to pass your exams and assessments which will be required if you are to obtain the right qualifications and competency to become a domestic installer. If you want to know the basics before progressing further this is the course for you.

When booking our Key Stage Electrical Course, you will have the option of paying for the course in full (£440 inc. VAT) or reserving your space by paying a deposit (£200 inc. VAT).

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Key Stage Electrical Course

Course Overview

Key Stage Electrician Course

Our EC4U Key Stage course was developed particularly for people with little or no understanding of electrical installations to give you the initial knowledge and skills required to become a Domestic Electrician. This electrical training course will provide you with crucial knowledge, skills and competency before taking additional electrical courses that are needed to become a Domestic Installer.

Our Key Stage Electrical Course includes the following:

  • Electrical Hazards

    Safety, Electrical shocks Direct and indirect, Protection against shocks, Faults and fires.

  • Basic Circuits

    Consumer Unit, Circuit breakers, Main switches, Residual current devices, Conduit and Trunking.

  • Correct Use of Electrical Tools

    We will demonstrate throughout the week the correct way to use all the tools and Electrical testers.

  • Preparation and use of cable

    You will be shown the correct way to prepare your cables.

  • Socket Circuits

    Learn how to correctly install ring and radial socket circuits.

  • Cooker Circuits

    Let us show you and explain why these circuits use larger cable sizes.

  • Lighting Circuits

    We will teach you a large range of lighting scenarios to include the following – Loop in, Junction boxes, one way, two way, intermediate, two gang one way, two gang two way.

  • Consumer Units

    Explain the design, operation and show how to correctly connect cables to them.

  • Design of Circuits

    Let us show you how to understand and design a circuit prior to installation and ensure that the circuit will operate safely and comply with BS7671 2008.

  • Requirements for Earthing

    Such an important piece to all electrical systems, let us show you why.

  • Safe isolation

    To ensure everyone is safe during any electrical work that you undertake we will show you how to safely isolate the electricity.

  • Dead Testing of Circuits

    Once the circuits have been installed it is essential for you to test all new or additions to circuits and record the results to prove they are safe before turning the power back on. Let us show you how.

Key Stage Electrical Course

Course Duration

This course takes place over 5 Days. The core course times are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM. Please take a look at our course FAQ’S for further course information.

Key Stage Electrical Course

The exams

This course does not have any exams.

Key Stage Electrical Course

Course literature

The following publications are to be purchased by all customers wishing to take part on the Key Stage Electrical Course. These books are ONLY for sale to customers who have booked a course with us. Books will not be posted out and will be available on the first day of your course.

Key Stage Electrical Course

Entry Requirements

This course has no entry requirements.

If you would like any further information about our Key Stage Electrical Course please call us on 01444 872145 and we will be delighted to help you.

Key Stage Electrical Course


  • Is this course accredited by City & Guilds?

    We decided against getting our Keystage Course accredited by the City & Guilds due to the fact it would not be a nationally recognised qualification and the assessments/exams during the course would detract from your learning and our teaching time.

  • How do I check if a City & Guilds course is nationally recognised?

    Go to the the City & Guilds homepage. In the top right hand side of the page, enter the first four numbers of the advertised course code in to the search bar and simply press “Go” to get your results. If no results are found, your course is not a nationally recognised qualification.


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