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Electrician Courses 4U Customer Ratings

4.9/5 based on 93 reviews



“I came on this course with very limited experience and skills in the electrical world. After the 3 weeks I have been here, I feel I have learnt so much and this is down to the great teaching methods and time the tutors have put into each individual student. I would recommend this course to others without a doubt!”

Tony Wilson – 06/03/17 – 5 stars

“Brilliant place! Very helpful with everything and always willing to give support. Would recommend to anyone with little or loads of experience!”

Win Winder – 06/03/17 – 5 stars

“This is a great course, very well organised from start to finish. I felt very welcome from day on. The trainers are amazing and very knowledgeable. I will definitely be recommending this course to others!”

Ben Parmenter – 06/03/17 – 5 stars

“Have really enjoyed the course, had a very good bunch of people which made it a lot easier to learn. Tutors were very helpful and made things very clear when learning. Facilities were very good too!”

James Hazell – 06/03/17 – 5 stars

“As an non-electrician, without any other trades (but good DIY experience) I found the course very interesting and at a fast pace. Week 3 (inspection and Testing) was the most enjoyable as it combined practical and experience at a good ratio for me. The trainers are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Glad to have made the investment! Wishing on a career change now!”

Nick Graham – 06/03/17 – 4.5 stars

“Great fun, learnt more in 3 weeks than 2 years of college! Achieved way more than I expected too!”

Chris Ellis – 06/03/17 – 5 stars

“Very enjoyable although quite stressful and intense. The facilities are great and the trainers are excellent! They bring knowledge and humour to the course. Highly recommend EC4U! You get out of it what you put in!”

Wayne Cartridge – 06/03/17 – 5 stars

“Great 3 weeks! Well set out and good facilities! Learnt a lot over such a short period and I would highly recommend EC4U!”

Jake Bull – 06/03/17 – 5 stars

“The course has been very well delivered, with good instruction. The facilities are excellent. It has been hard work but well worth it!”

David Bridle – 06/03/17 – 4.5 stars

“The course has been well thought out and the tutors were top class, taking into account the different levels of experience within the group and taking times to make sure everyone is understanding what’s taught. The facility itself is also excellent!”

Matt Boyce – 06/03/17 – 5 stars

“Very good! Had initial input from a previous attendee and it was spot on! Very good tuition made it possible to pick up a lot of knowledge over the course and feedback from tutors was excellent!”

Mike Baileff – 06/03/17 – 5 stars

“Awesome training as usual. Very supportive trainers. Looking forward to further courses with EC4U!”

James Anderson – 06/03/17 – 5 stars

“Initial contact was great, arranged a visit and was given a tour. Facilities are great! Have really enjoyed doing the course. The course was very challenging but made easier by the great instructors and equipment. Instructors were patient, supportive and amiable, which helped to put you at ease and make the course more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend others to attend the course, I will return to do other courses!”

Dave Gardner – 06/02/17 – 5 stars

“The trainers are outstanding. I really struggled with my maths, but they helped me out to no end. I would highly recommend EC4U to anyone, the facilities are great and all of the staff are really friendly and professional.”

Darrell Vallis – 06/02/17 – 5 stars

“Really great instructors, very knowledgeable! Tough course for people new to electrical, but I would highly recommend EC4U.”

Jake Saunders – 06/02/17 – 5 stars

“The training course is very intensive but very good. The trainers are very knowledgeable and very helpful. I have learnt a lot over the last 3 weeks and am looking forward to putting my new skills to use once out working. The contact with EC4U is very good, they answered all questions I asked and I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to learn some new skills.”

Aaron Todd – 06/02/17 – 5 stars

“No matter the result, I believe I have had the best training I could get. Very difficult at times, but so worth it! EC4U has provided exactly what was expected and I would always recommend to others. Very high standard of trainers and facilities. Many thanks to you all at EC4U!”

Tony Sutton – 06/02/17 – 5 stars

“First class trainers and facilities. I would recommend EC4U to others!”

Tony Bendell – 06/02/17 – 4.5 stars

“Brilliant from start to finish! great support given at all levels!”

Renaldo Falconer – 06/02/17 – 5 stars

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and I was really impressed from day 1. Glad I booked with EC4U rather than your competition. The trainers were great, thank you!”

Stuart Darnell – 06/02/17 – 5 stars

“Came here in November 2016 for my 2 day Part P course and had a great time. The trainers have an excellent method of teaching. Returned in Jan 2017 for my Level 2 Inspection and Testing course. It was a very intense week but regardless, I had a good time and look forward to returning next year for my Level 3.”

Anthony Hunt – 23/01/17 – 5 stars

“The course is extremely full on and very daunting at first, however the structure and teaching is very good and things do fall into place. The trainers are very good at what they do!”

Darren Underhill – 09/01/17 – 5 stars

“Full on and intense course. A serious course for seriously focused individuals. A lot of information and practical situations covered over the 3 weeks. Would recommend EC4U! Thank you!”

Nigel Jones – 09/01/17 – 4 stars

“Excellent course! Had a wonderful time at EC4U!”

Shomuj Ullah – 09/01/17 – 5 stars

“The course is extremely well taught. The course is structured well so that knowledge is constantly reinforced. It is a very steep learning curve which needs dedication and focus to achieve. The teaching staff are a credit to the company!”

Oliver Suckling – 09/01/17 – 5 stars

“Excellent training facilities, always very clean, tidy and very welcoming. Excellent training staff, very patient. Very enjoyable time and I would highly recommend EC4U. Thank you!”

Stuart Dunkerton – 09/01/17 – 5 stars

“Facilities are very well equipped and the trainers are very knowledgable and approachable. The training course has been a very useful for an introduction to the trade.”

Scott Hewitt – 09/01/17 – 4 stars

“Overall, very good! Trainers are excellent and very friendly. A lot of information for a short period of time!”

Josh Williams – 09/01/17 – 5 stars

“Good course, a lot to take in! Friendly staff and very helpful. Thank you for everything!”

Lee Kenney – 05/12/16 – 5 stars

“Brilliant course, very well instructed. Trainers were great, full of knowledge which was constantly passed onto all students. Facilities were good, especially the free tea and coffee! I would 100% recommend EC4U to others.”

Steven Parry – 05/12/16 – 5 stars

“The trainers were very helpful, easy to talk to, and easy to understand. The facilities were good, easy to work in and easy to get to. I would recommend EC4U to anyone!”

Ermiland Osmani – 05/12/16 – 5 stars

“I would definitely recommend this training centre, the instructors were very knowledgeable and delivered the information in a clear understandable way. I have learnt a lot in the past 3 weeks and cannot thank you all enough! I will definitely be back to further my qualifications!”

Mark Humber-Kelly – 05/12/16 – 5 stars

“Excellent instruction and tuition throughout the course from the instructors. They were a credit to EC4U. I would definitely recommend in the future.”

James Johns – 05/12/16 – 5 stars

“The experience course was very good and gave lots of hands on experience. The instructors were very good, informative and were always prepared tohelp as much as possible. The establishment is excellent and well laid out!”

Adrian Rae – 28/11/16 – 5 stars

“I have been very impressed with the whole course. The trainers have been helpful, friendly and it’s clear they understand how people learn individually and work with them in that way. The facilities are clean and well equipped. The experience week was very good and it was great to be able to put into practice some of the things learnt. I would highly recommend EC4U to anyone looking for this type of qualification.”

Jon Kemble – 07/11/16 – 5 stars

“I’d like to thank the trainers for all their help. They made what seemed like a daunting few weeks into an enjoyable and especially educational experience. I feel confident in what I’ve learn and can’t thank them enough!”

Ben Barnett – 07/11/16 – 5 stars

“We’ve had a great time and enjoyed every minute. It’s been challenging but the trainers do a great job! The facilities are excellent. Would definitely recommend the course to others.”

Bob Birthwright – 07/11/16 – 5 stars

“Brilliant course. Thank you very much. Can see the time and effort put into breaking down the course into a digestible course for all ages and abilities. The facilities are superb, both classroom, practical workshops and general environment are great. Thanks everyone!”

Jack Birthwright – 07/11/16 – 5 stars

“The 3 week course is fantastic. I wasn’t sure how much I could learn in 3 weeks, but I was very wrong! I have learnt an immense amount. The course is very intense and a lot to take in, but the trainers are great with support along every step of the way. I would recommend this course to anyone! Listen to what you have been told and you will learn everything you need to. I have loved it!”

David Caldwell – 07/11/16 – 5 stars

“My initial contact with Sandra in the office was positive, she was extremely helpful with all my concerns. I have found the facilities at the training centre excellent. As for the trainers, they are extremely knowledgeable and delivered an intensive course with total professionalism and good humour. I will certainly recommend EC4U and hopefully be back to do my level 3 course one day!”

Simon Hall – 07/11/16 – 5 stars

“Fantastic facility! Fantastic trainers, they really know their stuff when it comes to electrics! It’s been a fantastic experience, thank you for everything! Onwards and upwards!”

Liam Holland – 07/11/16 – 5 stars

“Great course with fantastic instructors! I would highly recommend this 3 week course to everyone!”

Peter Jolliffe – 07/11/16 – 5 stars

“Overall very pleased I have learnt so much. The trainers have been fantastic! I have already recommended this course to friends and family.”

Michael Rhodes – 07/11/16 – 5 stars

“Great facilities and knowledgeable trainers! Very intense but too away a whole new skill set. Thank you!”

Helena Rooney – 07/11/16 – 4.5 stars

“From beginner to electrician in three weeks! Great course, easy admin, great facilities! Can’t believe how much I’ve learnt. Would definitely recomment this course at EC4U! Thank you!”

Richard Barham – 07/11/16 – 5 stars

“The facilities are brilliant, comfortable size class rooms and a good number per class. The training staff were fantastic and always willing to help with any problems or questions. Personally the best combination of lecturers I’ve had teach me. Would definitely recommend this course to others!”

Vinay Patel – 10/10/16 – 5 stars

“Very friendly people at the training centre, all were willing to help in any way. Relaxed atmosphere, which makes for easy learning. The centre is fantastically set up with plenty of equipment. Trainers are great for advice on real world conditions.”

Dene Kinder – 10/10/16 – 5 stars

“The course was good, hard work but manageable in time allocated. The trainers were very informative and helpful and pushed us hard to pass the exams. The facilities are good too. I heard back from EC4U the day after I enquired and was processed into the class within a month! I would definitely recommend!”

Kevin Sayer – 10/10/16 – 4.5 stars

“Excellent training. Excellent trainers. My experience of the course was difficult (due to English being my second language), but it is the perfect place to succeed!”

Ruzhdi Bici – 10/10/16 – 5 stars

“Everything is great, from start to finish. Instructors are helpful and made the learning process easy! The Experience Course was great, really useful to have done as it’s given me the confidence to go out and do it for real. In November I passed my NICEIC assessment! Thanks to the team for all the help, I couldn’t have done it without you all!”

George Clarke – 10/10/16 – 5 stars

“From day 1, Sandra sorted out my booking as I booked the wrong course! They were really helpful. Teaching was planned well and the balance between overload and what is required for the real world was spot on. It’s nice to see character and real experience shine through. Provision for my dyslexia was dealt with in a personal but professional manner. The first time I’ve not been made to feel stupid, so thank you! ”

Dave Farrell – 26/09/16 – 5 stars

“Superb trainers, they couldn’t do enough to help and teach. I would recommend any novice who is thinking of doing a course like this to only do one phone call to EC4U. You will not be let down! The course is hard work, but fun! The facilities are great; they have all the equipment that you will need and the quality of it is superb. I will recommend this course to anyone who asks!”

Tom Philip – 12/09/16 – 5 stars

“The course moves at a challenging pace, personally I feel this emphasises the importance of applying oneself to the subject matter and general awareness of safety aspects when working with electricity. The instructors are passionate, friendly and knowledgeable, demonstrated by the speed, clarity and accuracy of answering any level of query regarding the subject matter.

As you would expect, all groups will differ, however I feel the facility sets an environment that is geared towards team building and provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. All the staff are warm, approachable and helpful. Great value for money – a truly life changing experience. Good luck to all future candidates and all the best!”

Harry Docherty – 12/09/16 – 5 stars

“The whole experience has been amazing. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and their methods of teaching are fantastic. I would fully recommend this 4 week course to anybody wanting to learn about becoming an electrician. The facilities are first class!”

Ryan Brown – 12/09/16 – 5 stars

“The course instructors are knowledgeable about their subject and deliver the course material in an interesting way. They ensure that you have all the information you need to pass the exam and will know what you are doing in the real world.”

Martin Dobson – 12/09/16 – 5 stars

“From a female who has had absolutely no experience of electrical work, this course has been inspirational. I have learned so much from it. The trainers created an atmosphere that pulled me so far outside my comfort zone, but helped me reach new heights of confidence.

From my first contact with Nigel, who advised me on the most appropriate course for me given my lack of experience, to the trainers who have tons of experience and are also passionate about the work they do, everyone has been so friendly and supportive. They are first class trainers, back up by a top class administration team. This has been an intensive course, but the training methods have meant each individual gets the attention they need and deserve, ensuring that everyone succeeds. My areas of weakness have been focused upon and worked upon, to make sure I can actually do the job I want to do.

The facilities provided are to an extremely high standard. I would overwhelmingly recommend this training provider! As of November, I’ve passed my NICEIC assessment and am keeping busy at the moment, which is great and rest assured, I will be continuing to develop myself with further courses through Electrician Courses 4U.”

Fiona Preston – 12/09/16 – 5 stars

“After finding the course online, I then contacted EC4U and all my questions were answered straight away. I then enrolled on the course and began the first week. It has been a lot of information to take on board and at times been tough, but through application and fantastic teaching and encouragement from the trainers, I have made it to the end. I would wholeheartedly recommend the course, teachers and facilities to everyone. Many thanks!”

Tom Everitt – 12/09/16 – 5 stars

“The course has been excellent. The trainers have both been exceptional, and I really appreciate the extra time and effort they put in to help me during the days when I struggled to be as good as I wanted to be. This was the hardest thing I have ever done and it has been a pleasure to share this journey with such enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional people.”

Alex Shone – 12/09/16 – 5 stars

“I enjoyed the Experience Week and feel more confident to go out and work now. I recommend this course and have done already!”

Lee Smith – 05/09/16 – 5 stars

“Experience Week was a very useful course. Intructors were very helpful and dedicated parts of the week to what students wanted to do. I found Nigel’s talk about starting up your business very good. Thank you!”

James Wallace – 05/09/16 – 5 stars

“The Experience Week course was useful to practice skills and knowledge recall when doing first fix and then circuits. The course ensures that you have to use your skills to fault find and work around problems you come across.”

Paul Hill – 05/09/16 – 4.5 stars

“Fantastic course which was delivered by excellent and knowledgeable instructors. I would certainly book another course with these guys.”

Shaun Aldridge – 22/08/16 – 5 stars

“Format and pace of the course was excellent! Trainers were very informative, committed and enthusiastic too!”

Steve and Emilios Richards – 15/08/16 – 4.5 stars

“I attended the Domestic Electrician Course, the help and training I recived from both Tony’s was amazing. Absolutely fantastic, wonderful teaching methods. They were able to put us at ease, nothing was too much trouble. As of yesturday (27 Oct), I am now registered with NICEIC as a Domestic Installer, I can’t thank you enough for your help and support and hope to do more training in future with you! I would highly recommend EC4U!

Ralph Ewart – 15/08/16 – 5 stars

“Very enjoyable course. Informative, although a lot to take in. Very approachable and knowledgeable instructors and a good layout on site too!”

James Wallace – 15/08/16 – 5 stars

“This course is very intense, I found the instructors to be very knowledgeable and friendly. The course is pitched at the correct level. I struggled with the maths but after shown and breaking it down with the instructors, I managed to get a grasp on it.”

Kevin Stringer – 15/08/16 – 5 stars

“Good course, very intense but that was expected. Both instructors have a good knowledge and experience. Also they both have a good sense of humour and introduce this throughout the course.”

Lee Smith – 15/08/16 – 5 stars

“I would have no hesitation in recommending EC4U to anyone who is looking at a career in the electrical industry. From my initial contact with Sandra and Nigel in the office to completing and passing my first course, I was made to feel very welcome. My instructors knowledge was second to none, they taught me exactly what I needed to know to be able to work in the industry, not simply on how to pass the course. The facilities are clean, smart, tidy and bang up to date! In the last 18 months, I have completed and passed three courses at EC4U and would look no further for additional industry training.”

Chris Beeney – 18/07/16 – 5 stars

“Excellent teaching facilities and fantastic teachers! Everything is easily understandable and highly recommended for newbies or people who are already doing the work and need to be qualified to get higher on the trader ladder.”

Zoltan Micsinai – 04/07/16 – 5 stars

“From first contact to receipt of certificate, the organisation was friendly and efficient, intent on helping with any queries at every stage. The facilities are comfortable, and offer all that is required from a learning environment. The course content itself was excellent, with many supporting documents provided – just what I was looking for! The trainers obviously really believe in what they are doing, it shows in the level of commitment they portray, not just in passing on the vast knowledge and information they have on the subject matter, but also helping students to understand what it all means. Overall, excellent! Thank you EC4U!”

David Parker – 04/07/16 – 5 stars

“Great course, I’ve learnt a lot of new skills and the instructors were very patient with me and took the time to thoroughly explain the answers! The sequence of the course was good as the knowledge was able to be built up over 2 weeks and then applied in the third week of testing”

Dave Robbins – 28/03/16 – 5 stars

“The training centre is fantastic! The course is really intense but overall brilliant and very informative. Tutors are awesome – can’t big them up enough and I’m tough to please! Overall experience was really impressive, thank you!”

Liam Walsh – 28/03/16 – 4.5 stars

“The instructors are fantastic! They went above and beyond for all of us! The Experience Week has been extremely useful, putting everything we’ve learnt in the last 3 weeks of the course into practice. I very much recommend the Domestic Electrician Package.”

Ben Hutchins – 28/03/16 – 4.5 stars

“I’m so surprised how much I’ve learnt in the 4 weeks of the Domestic Electricians Package. The instructors really know their stuff and I’m so glad I came here. I certainly recommend EC4U for anyone considering a change in career.”

Paul Weatherley – 28/03/16 – 5 stars

“The course has been excellent, very informative and we have had good fun learning. It can be intense at times, but the instructors are very patient and knowledgeable. The Domestic Electrician Package has exceeded all of my expectations!”

Ben Lewis – 28/03/16 – 5 stars

“Fantastic course! Would definitely recommend to others. The Experience Week was a great help in putting everything that I’ve learnt over the past three weeks into practice.”

Chris Kelly – 28/03/16 – 5 stars

“Fantastic centre set up! Thought the whole three weeks were great! Both instructors were very helpful and friendly. Will definitely recommend EC4U! I will look to return in 12-18 months to complete Level 3 qualifications. Thank you guys!!”

Mike Scourfield – 28/03/16 – 5 stars

“Could not fault the process from start to finish. The trainers are top notch!”

Sean Kybird – 28/03/16 – 5 stars

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to both of the trainers for getting me through my electrical qualification. You made a fascinating subject enjoyable but above all understandable! Thank you!”

Simon Street  – 01/02/16 – 5 stars

“Nothing wrong with the two teachers! Brilliant people and very knowledgable. I had a hard week, but they made it happen for me. I’ve learnt loads! Don’t change the teaching method because that’s the way it should be done; completely thrown in at the deep end. What I put in, I have got out!”

Hadi El-Taki – 25/01/16 – 4.5 stars

“At the beginning of the course I felt a bit out of my depth, but by the end I’m feeling a lot more comfortable considering I started from scratch! This is of course down to the excellent teaching skills and facilities at EC4U!”

Ricky Chmitorz – 11/01/16 – 5 stars

“10 out of 10! Cannot think of a single flaw to point out. Great course, lots of highlighting – my brain hurts! I would definitely recommend EC4U to everyone!”

Daniel Pye – 31/08/16 – 5 stars

“A huge thank you to both of the trainers for being such brilliant teachers during the course. It’s been an exhilarating, life changing, eye opening, nerve shattering ride and I’m so grateful for all your help!

Olivia Simove – 31/08/15 – 5 stars

“The best money I have ever spent! I would recommend EC4U to anyone considering completing electrician qualifications!”

Steven Dykes – 31/08/16 – 5 stars

“Amazing training and support, fantastic training facilities too. I’ve learnt a huge amount and would highly recommend EC4U. I sat my exams in October 2015 and in February 2016 got accepted by the NICEIC! A really rewarding career change supported by a strong and knowledgeable company. Thanks to all!”

Abi Haque – 27/07/15 – 5 stars

“Tutor’s teaching style, knowledge and helpfulness was excellent. I really enjoyed the course, from initial contact through to the administration, they were all friendly and professional.”

Chris Amos – 21/05/12 – 5 stars

“The practical and classroom work were very well organised and thought through. The Training Centre was very good, with free tea and coffee! Clear and concise information was given on initial contact. I enjoyed the courses and would recommend.”

Charles Summerill – 21/05/12 – 4.5 stars

“Great centre and facilities, excellent support, very pleasant and helpful. The Tutor’s training style was excellent! I’ve learned a lot. I now feel confident in the knowledge I have gained which is sufficient to use in the real world.”

Simon Turner – 14/05/12 – 5 stars

“Trainer demonstrated the ability to teach the audience. Fantastic knowledge and dealt with the challenge very professionally. The Training Centre and facilities are excellent, best of 4 Training Centres I visited. Course had good pace and healthy support. I would absolutely recommend to others.”

John Callaghan – 08/05/12 – 5 stars

“The Company was recommended to me and I enjoyed the course immensely. Everyone was friendly and informative with fantastic, clean, tidy Centre and facilities.”

James Kublin – 08/05/12 – 4.5 stars

“Very enjoyable course. The Trainer, Training Centre and facilities are excellent. Staff all very helpful and I would most definitely recommend to others.”

David Greene – 08/05/12 – 5 stars

“It fitted my personal requirements. Fitted into annual holidays and allowed me to carry on working. The Training Centre facilities were clean, functional and impressive. This course was top of the range.”

Ian Noble – 23/04/12 – 4.5 stars

“The whole experience was made easy from the first phone call to the final exam. Tutor’s style made it enjoyable and fun.”

Vince Malone – 26/03/12 – 4.5 stars