What can I do with these qualifications?

We are consistently being asked by our customers what can they do once they have successfully completed either our domestic electrician course or domestic electrician package, so we thought we would answer all the relevant questions.


Can I start doing electrical installation work immediately after passing my courses?

The simple answer is yes you can depending on the electrical installation work you are intending to undertake. As a general rule if you are looking to extend or alter any existing circuits you will be able to do this immediately. If however you are looking to install new circuits, change consumer units or do any work within a bathroom you will be required to certify that your work meets Part P of the building regulations. To self-certify your own work you will need to join a government approved part p scheme provider.


Does everyone have to join a part p scheme provider to self-certify their work?

Whether you have done a full electrical apprenticeship, have years of experience or successfully completed one of our domestic electrician courses you will have to join a part p scheme to self-certify your own electrical installation work.


Can I join a government approved part p Competent Scheme?

Once you have successfully passed all the qualifications within the course you will have the knowledge, skills and competency to join an approved part p competent persons scheme such as ELECSA and the NICEIC as a Domestic Installer. (This is correct as of the 01/08/2016 and may be subject to change by the scheme providers). By joining a scheme you will be able self certify that all your electrical installation work meets current building and wiring regulations.


How do I join?

Each of the scheme providers have different annual fees and qualification requirements to join, so it is important to do your homework as they do change from time to time. For example currently to join the NICEIC or ELECSA the annual cost is £445.00 plus VAT, however, we are able to offer a £50.00 introductory discount for customers that train here with us. Each scheme provider will require you initially to sit an Online Knowledge Assessment and then to show them installation work which you have independently completed.

The Online Knowledge Assessment can be completed after your Domestic Electrician Course/Package with us, in our centre free of charge, or at home at your leisure free of charge. After passing the online multiple choice exam, you will receive a certificate and then be asked to organise a date for the NICEIC or ELECSA to come out and assess your work. During the on-site assessment, you will be assessed on both your installation work and your ability to test and inspect that the work is safe and complies with all the current building/wiring regulations. It is an independent assessment where you will have to demonstrate that you are a competent person posing no danger to either public or yourself and have the skills and knowledge necessary to sign off your own electrical work. For further details take a look at our post on How do I join the NICEIC?


Can I do the assessment at EC4U?

Unfortunately not, we are responsible for your training and you will need to demonstrate independently that you are competent. You will also prior to joining your chosen scheme have to ask them for the minimum amount of installation work that they require to assess you on, as it can vary between part p scheme providers. Rest assured that after your training with us you will have all the relevant qualifications, knowledge and skills to be able to successfully pass your assessment.


Do I need to join a Part P Scheme Provider?

Absolutely not, since April 2013 the government has relaxed a large proportion of jobs that need to be notified under building regulations. They identified that electricians and their customers were enduring additional costs that were not necessary so reflected this in the new part p 2013 document. Essentially the biggest changes are that if you are altering/extending any existing circuits including those in a kitchens or outside a property, you will not be required to notify them to building control. This represents a massive 55% of jobs that were notifiable have now disappeared and will save you additional set up costs by not having to join a scheme. It will also enable you to walk before you can run as far as electrical installation work is concerned. Once you have gained sufficient experience/customers and gained the confidence it may then be time to join a scheme when it is financially viable to do so. Ultimately the decision will be based around the electrical installation work you are intending to undertake.


If you would like to know any additional information about our courses or how to join a government approved competent persons scheme provider (NICEIC or ELECSA) please give us a call on 01444 872145.