Top 5 Halloween Mechanisms and Props 2014

It’s that time of year again where the world turns into a haunted playground for a couple of weeks. For some parents it’s the time of year that involves answering the door a bunch of times, however, for most it’s the time of year to be creative with costume designs, have a good time and to scare others. Some enthusiasts like to go slightly overboard when decorating the house and getting ready for the 31st, which is why today we will be bringing you the top 5 Halloween props and mechanisms of 2014.

5 – The Crawling Zombie Prop

Imagine seeing something strange coming your way on an unlit piece of grass, is it a dog? No. It’s a crawling half eaten zombie on it’s way to eat you. This prop resembles a deranged zombie with the sole intention of eating anybody that gets in its way. The prop is controlled remotely and can control how it moves, how fast it moves and more. The video below shows the prop in action, so if you’d like to scare someone in particular you may not like this Halloween, then this prop is definitely for you.

4 – The Hangman and Gallows Prop

A Halloween enthusiast known by the name of ‘Hollywood Haunted’ on YouTube designed a tall infrastructure, known as the gallows, that has an extremely realistic man hanging from it. If that’s not enough to scare you, he also turned it into a mechanism, which allows the man to kick its legs back and forth. The video below is a tutorial that he made, showing you how to make his prop for yourself to allow you to be the scariest house on the street.

3. The Burning Witch

Everybody finds witches scary right? Well wait till you see this witch, who you’ll assume isn’t alive as she is strapped to wood above a fire, when all of a sudden she launches herself at you screaming and twitching. The prop is known as pneumatic, which is a mechanism that will move, launch and can make sounds to scare you. The video can be found below.

2. Halloween Light Show Spectacular

Ever loved the amazing Christmas light displays you get around that time of year? Well, some Halloween enthusiasts take the 31st and the October month as an opportunity to show their creativity.

The video shows the lights and decorations  on an estate being synchronised with Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, and is truly a spectacular display!

1 – Man cut in half Prank

A magician has used YouTube to showcase a truly mesmorising prank, where he has created a prop that allows himself to give off the image he is cut in half. In the video he puts his prop to the test by seeing what the public thinks, and unexpectedly creeps on people, literally cut in half and carrying his own legs!

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