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IP Ratings Explained

When installing lights in your home or purchasing electrical equipment, you need to be aware of what IP codes are and how they affect your product choices. What is an IP rating? IP stands for Ingress Protection and is formed with two numbers, shown in this format: IPXX. The two numbers refer to two separate levels […]

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How to keep your home warm this winter

With temperatures dropping and snow beginning to fall in many cities, it’s time to make sure your home is warm for winter. More than 70% of our household’s energy consumption is spent on heating, so how can we heat our homes more efficiently? Home Insulation The most important thing you can do to help keep […]

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How can smart meters save you money on your energy bills?

Most homes in Great Britain have old meters in their home, with technology decades old. Older meter devices require regular meter readings and estimated prices, which can prove to be costly and sometimes inaccurate. A switch to new smart meters mean a better service for homeowners and it means you are only ever charged for what […]

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What is a Drone and what are they capable of?

Robot technology is advancing at a rapid rate and one piece of equipment that every industry is tapping into is drones. Investment support and sales for drones have boomed over recent years as consumers have become fascinated with the unmanned aircrafts that can produce aerial photos and video footage, gather information with specialised built-in sensors, […]

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How to build the ultimate PC gaming setup

Everyone interested in gaming knows just how important your setup means to you, with everyone having their own ideas, tastes and needs. We’re going to take you through the best way to start your setup and show you the best items to buy and upgrade to over time. To share our ‘Building the Ultimate PC Gaming […]

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