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New Electrical Safety Standards in force for landlords from June 2020

The Government has been in consultation for a number of years putting draft legislation into place regarding electrical safety in privately rented properties. This piece of legislation will be a statutory instrument and will formally be known as The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020. The standard is concerned with […]

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4 steps to handling a customer complaint

Mistakes and accidents can happen on site anytime and sometimes, complaints can also occur. Professionalism is key throughout your customers’ journey with you as a tradesperson, from quote to sign off, and it’s especially important you maintain this same level of professionalism if you receive a complaint or bad review. Have you ever had a […]

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Case Study: Antonio

Thinking of a career change? As the new year rolls through, it brings with it a time of year that many people decide to change careers and jobs. A career change can be daunting, but with skills shortages in many industries, the opportunities to succeed are great. One industry that is experiencing a severe shortage […]

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The most unprofessional traits and trades ranked

Professionalism in the workplace is an important trait to uphold, but it is especially important if your job is customer-centric. One industry where professionalism is key, is within the skilled trades industry. There is a certain stigma surrounding tradespeople that make customers think they are unreliable, and this ultimately fills customers with dread whenever they […]

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Government extends smart meter rollout to 2024 to reach 85% of homes

Image credit | License The government has extended the current smart meter rollout deadline to 2024, giving energy suppliers more time to reach 85% of homes. This comes after the original deadline of 2020 loomed closer and closer, with only 15.6 millions smart meters running in homes and small businesses and a target of 53 […]

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COVID-19 Update

Our training centre is now open for limited numbers, for our customers and staffs' safety.

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