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How small businesses can stay busy during COVID-19 downtime

We are currently in a time where many small businesses have to stop operating and tradespeople are stepping back from working in others homes. But it doesn’t mean, you can’t work on improving your business during this downtime. It’s important that we can utilise this time to improve our businesses and expand in different ways, […]

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The 4 stages tradespeople need to remember in a customer facing role

One of the most important aspects of your business, and one that is key to both gaining future customers and retaining your existing ones, is customer facing. The key to thing to remember is that this is you, selling yourself to your customer and it’s important to remember this from the very beginning of your […]

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EC4U & Online Learning: Your questions answered

We have had an increasing amount of enquiries asking if we are going to be launching online courses soon. There are many challenges involved in putting together an online based course, and as with the courses based in our centre, our biggest priority is ensuring that you have the best experience possible with the best […]

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Lighting design for electrical installers

When offering your services as an electrical installer for your customer, you want to be able to offer that extra little bit of a service that separates you from your rivals. Often, some of the jobs you carry out will be fairly straightforward from a certain point of view. If your potential customer is looking […]

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Electric vans: should I invest?

As electric vehicles (EV) start to take a foothold in the car market, we’re going to take a look at the somewhat overlooked part of the EV market – vans. They currently make up a very small percentage of EV sales, but with the introduction of zero emission zones in several major UK towns and […]

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