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New to the electrical trade? Here are some marketing tips for self-employed electricians.

Electrical training is over; exams successfully passed. It is now time to start your career as an electrician. So how do you make the phone ring? We have been asked this on numerous occasions and are fortunate enough to have our own electrical installation company so we can give you advice that is tried and […]

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What do customers consider before employing an electrician?

There are a lot of factors to consider before employing any worker for any job, however, this blog will cover the information that an average person will consider before hiring an electrician. What customers consider before hiring an electrician Following the introduction of Part P of the building regulations on the 1st January 2005 customers […]

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What is Part P and how does it relate to electricians?

If you are looking to pursue a career as a domestic installer you will hopefully have heard about Part P and how it relates to electricians. The words “Part P” seem to stir up numerous conversations as generally people believe that if they have a Part P qualification they are able to sign off all […]

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How to Find a Good Online Electrician Course to Start a New Career

There are a few key areas that you should consider very carefully when searching online looking for electrical courses. We have provided a small guide for you covering the key aspects you need to look out for when looking online for an electrical training course. Electrical Accreditations Firstly make sure that the electrician courses are accredited […]

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Top Tips for your First Day on the job as an Electrician…

Ok, so you have finished your electrical training, set up your new business, quoted for work and been successful in gaining your first job. The time has arrived for you to complete your first job as an electrician and talking from experience this can be a daunting time so we have put together a few […]

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