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The future of smart homes

In our last blog post we looked at the current situation with smart homes and home automation. In this post we are going to take a look at the future of these technologies and how they may be incorporated in our homes. As we looked at last time, smart technology in homes is becoming more […]

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Smart Home technology: For homeowners and installers

These days you hear the phrase ‘smart home’ and ‘smart devices’ mentioned all the time, quite often you’ll see people advertising ‘smart’ installation alongside other services such as an electrician, but do you need this and is it worth paying for? The history of smart homes Firstly let’s take a look at what can be […]

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What does it mean to be Part P qualified?

There is a common misconception that to be “Part P qualified” simply means getting your Part P of the Building Regulations qualification, but that isn’t correct. Many who work in the building trade may be aware of the term Part P and know somewhat of its importance, but what does it truly mean to be […]

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Off grid storage for your home

Solar panels and small wind turbines are becoming more and more popular amongst the general public as people look for alternative ways to provide electricity for their homes. They both suffer from one key disadvantage, however, in that they are both intermittent as a source of energy. This means that rather than your electricity being […]

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Guide to CCTV Cameras for your home

Simple measures can be taken to help protect your home from thieves, however it is these simple measures that can make a big difference. If your home has absolutely no security measures in place, then you are five times more likely to be burgled compared to a homeowner who has installed simple security measures. On […]

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