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Saving energy in the home

Saving energy in the home can be a real money saver when it comes to your electricity bills. A lot of people are completely unaware at how much the smallest of things can save you, and after seeing this infographic and information, we hope you get into the habit of turning off your electrical power […]

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LED vs Fluorescent Lighting

LED (light emitting diodes) is the most modern form of lighting, the actual bulb is very small and emits very little heat. LED lights also have no mercury present in the bulb. A bonus to LED lights is that, compared to traditional fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs, they have no breakable glass reducing further danger and […]

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Different Air Conditioning options for your home this summer

The UK is set for another heat wave this summer, with temperatures soaring to the 30 degrees Celsius mark, it’s going to be a popular trend to have air conditioning in your home. Because a lot of homes in the UK are without built in air conditioning, we’ve put together some different air conditioning options for you […]

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Essential Safety Equipment for Electricians

Keeping safe on the job is a vital importance to every electrician, therefore it is essential that you have the correct safety tools and equipment in order to prevent any hazards. Did you know that there is an average of 6 electrocutions each year in the workplace? Whilst this doesn’t compare to over 350,000 serious injuries coming […]

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How to prevent electrical fires in your home

According to the Government, In 2012-2013, Fire and Rescue services attended a total of 192,600 fires. Of these total fires, 22% of them were dwelling fires. If you break this down, that’s an estimated 42,000 fires, which is 115 dwelling fires every single day. Of these 42,000 fires, 24% of them are caused by electrical appliances. It’s […]

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