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7 over the top Christmas light shows

Photo credit Christmas is just around the corner and homes around the world are showing their love for the festive season by bringing out their twinkling lights and Christmas characters. 4 in 5 Brits have admitted to going over the top with their Christmas decorations and for some, it has become a serious event. This year, […]

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How to avoid buying counterfeit electrical goods

Christmas is a peak period for bargains, but it is also a popular time for fake electrical products. Everyone wants to get the best price for a product, but there are dangers of buying cheap electrical goods online. Over one million people buy counterfeit electrical goods in the UK every year. From Christmas lights to electrical goods, there […]

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Outside lighting guide

Installing lights in your garden can completely transform your outside space. Outside lighting can act as a feature (as with Christmas lights), security (motion sensor flood lights), and mood lighting. Combined with heaters and BBQs, it can also present a lovely space for entertaining guests in the summer. If you’re considering lighting up your garden this […]

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Further Government energy cuts to renewable resources

­­With the government set to cut the feed-in tariff for solar by a staggering 87% in January 2016, it is a rush for those who want to reap the added benefits from solar PV. Renewable energy has enjoyed a quick rise to fame, accounting for nearly half of all new power plants in 2014. From […]

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Electrical Fire Safety Week

Electrical goods are an integral part of our everyday life, but have we forgotten about the potential dangers they hold? When items are faulty, damaged or left unattended, they become a greater threat to our safety. Each year there are on average 350,000 people who are seriously injured and 70 people killed from electrical accidents […]

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