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The truth about the environmental damages from electric cars

The government wants to all cars to be zero emissions by 2050, and is offering grants to help entice more motorists to choose electric and hybrid cars instead of petrol and diesel. However, are electric cars really as green as they say and are they really zero emissions? Does the process of building an electric […]

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Case Study: Vimal

If you’re looking for a career change, skilled trades can offer some lucrative benefits. You have the opportunity to work for yourself, build a business and be your own boss, but you can also gain a flexible work schedule. One of our recent customers, Vimal, explained that he chose to train as an electrician “because […]

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All new cars to be electric or hybrid by 2040

In 2040, the government will be banning all new diesel and petrol cars, in favour of electric vehicles in order to improve air quality. Currently only 108,000 out of 31.7 million cars in the UK are plug in cars, with more than 70 models available, but that is set to change in the coming years. […]

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Are electricians really earning £156k a year?

We recently discussed the shortage of electricians in the UK, encouraging businesses to expand into electrics to reach more customers and capitalise on profits in a time when electricians are in high demand and earning more than they ever have before. New reports (via the Daily Mail) have recently sparked debate in the electrical industry, […]

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Screwless Wiring Solutions: MK Electric Dimensions and Click Definity

Homeowners removing switches to decorate behind or changing socket covers may seem harmless, but actually it could have consequences if the integrity of the circuit is not tested before and after. Both MK Electric and Click offer a screwless range which tackle this problem, and make updating your sockets and decorating behind your switches safe and […]

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