How to change a Plug Socket

How to Change a Plug Socket

In this electrical training video tutorial we show you how to change a plug socket at home, whether it’s broken or you want to upgrade it. The process is quite simple and can easily be done through DIY in your own home, however we strongly adivse you look at our safe isolation guide below before attempting anything seen in this video.

Safety Disclaimer – Before attempting any form of DIY, please refer to our safe isolation guide.


A new plug socket

A VDE 1000 volt insulated screwdriver

Time taken:

5-10 minutes

Video Transcript

“How to replace a socket in your home

What will you need? A new socket and a thousand volt insulated screwdriver. Be sure to turn off the power using our safe isolation inofgraphic… or you’ll end up like this. First off remove the socket, there are two screws either side, turn those anticlockwise a little on both sides, and then fully release the screws. Green and yellow cables are your earthing cables, the brown cables are your live cables and the blue cables are your neutrals. Ensure you fit these into the socket tight with no copper showing and pull on the cables when youterminate to them to make sure they’re not going to come out. Once you’re satisfied the cables are securely terminated, put the socket back ensuring that you do not trap the cables. Screw in both of your machine screws a little way before you fully secure. Ensure the socket is level and secure, and deisolate the socket so you may use it.”

If you want to learn more, follow our guide on how to isolate power correctly and safely!

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