Electrician walks in on a ‘Hannibal Lecter’ murder scene

Brad Coyne, an electrician aged 28, was out at work when he was called to a Brisbane home, which belonged to Marcus Volke. However, this was no ordinary work visit, things seemed a bit strange according to Coyne.  The British Electrician has given details of the perculiar moment when he walked in on a man who was genuinely boiling his transgender wife’s body remains.

The British Electrician, Brad Coyne, who lives and works in Sydney, Australia, entered the apartment of Marcus Volke and his supposed wife Mayang Prasetyo. He soon became suspicious after walking in the front door and being told “please excuse the smell, I’m cooking pig’s broth”. Coyne said he thought this was a bit unusual for the time of year, as it was starting to lead up to Summer. Coyne then said “We then went into the bathroom, which at the time I did not know that the washing machine actually had body parts in it.”

Coyne was called out to fix a lighting issue, but was also asked by Marcus Volke to test the cooker before he left, which he turned on and found it was working fine. “I had no idea that at the time, the big pot on the stove had other body parts in it, which I believe he’d been cooking her feet in.”

Later that evening Brad Coyne gave a statement to the police about what happened and what he believed to have seen in the stove, which was then blown up all over social media. Volke’s body was soon found in a large bin near his home, and his throat had been cut by himself according to reports. Residents in the area had also heard loud arguments during the week prior to the event.

According to the police, upon arrival of detectives at the apartment, Volke had fled by breaking through a glass door, jumping off the balcony, and then hid inside a bin in an alleyway to kill himself.

Courtney Reichat, a local resident, told the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corportation) that she’d been noticing a strange, foul smell, which had been getting worse day by day as she walked past the apartment. She said “It makes you feel sick that the girl had been inside the apartment in such a state, you wouldn’t think that a bad smell would mean murder.”

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