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An Introduction Video to our Electrical Training Company

In this electrical video we take you through who we are and why we are the industry leaders for electrical training and electrician courses. We have made this video to show you our views on what electrical training should be, and how many providers are all theory based with little practical work. We take you through our professional standard of training and how we deliver that in small class sizes, which is extremely beneficial for individuals who want to get the most out of their course. Not only are we genuine, professional and friendly people who want to help others change careers and gain electrical qualifications, we offer a full range of services to meet people’s needs, and even have a great after care support service for all of our customers.

Video Transcript

Hello my name is Nigel Best and I’m the Director of Electrician Courses 4U

We provide quality electrical courses at affordable prices for those new to the
industry as well as those looking to enhance their qualifications.

Electrician Courses 4U was formed on the back of me actually doing an
intensive electrical training course some time ago.

It simply wasn’t good enough… all theory and no practical. We have addressed
that here with our courses to make sure you leave with the right practical experience.

One other course we offer unique to the industry is our experience week course, which
takes place in a two-story house we have here within our premises. Within the course we
teach you how to quote, we give you the DIY know how, the marketing skills,
how to set yourself up in business and how to really feel confident when you leave our centre.

We currently boast a ninety-eight percent pass right on all our exams.

We attribute this to our small class sizes and our excellent trainers.

“Well i’ve been here two weeks now and the class size is good it’s about eight in
each class so you get a good exposure with the instructor. The instructors are
good, friendly and helpful.”

“Class sizes are really small which is really good because you can have individual teaching,
you dont have to fight amongst thirty to thirty-five other students… there’s only eight
or ten people and that’s why I chose EC4U over anyone else.”

When you leave our training centre it’s not the end. In fact, it’s the
beginning. Because you will come across some unfamiliar scenarios.

If that’s the case you can use our after care support, just give us a call and we’ll talk
you through the process.

“After care with them has just been great, when you first start you come across a lot of problems
you don’t know… ring them up, email them and then they are in touch, they email you straight back.
You’re never alone when you finish it’s not just out the door, they want you to go out there
and be an electrician, and they help you do that.”

I’d always recommend if you’re going to book an electrical training course to go and view the
facilities. We welcome people to come and view our facilities here at Electrician Courses 4U,
and in fact ninety-five percent of the people that have viewed our premises have booked with us.

“The facilities themselves here have built scenarios of proper houses, so when you doing the work
you are doing it like you would in real life, so it’s very, very good.”

Summarize what do you get at Electrician Courses 4U? You get small class sizes better for your
learning, practical experience, you get to work in our two story house we’ve got here in the workshop.
Excellent premises and facilities in environment. Large classrooms, large workshops and the
most competitively priced electrical courses on the market today.

Want to know more about the courses we provide and our electrical training centre, then take a look at our Domestic Electrician Course video!

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